Donation Policy

Policy on Donation to charities
1. Introduction

This policy may be cited as the Skal International Nairobi Policy on Donations to Charities. The main purpose of this policy is to guide the Skal International Nairobi (SIN) Executive Committee on adjudicating on requests for donations to charities, and in particular, the following aspects:

1.1 The categories of charities that qualify for donations from Skal International Nairobi.
1.2 The standards of management that such charities must demonstrate.
1.3 The quantum of donation(s) that may be extended.

Such donations may be financial, material, or in other support in kind.

2. General Principles

Skal International is encouraging its members worldwide to play a bigger role in their respective counties in terms of corporate social responsibility. This, to a large extent, entails supporting charities.

As a member of the Skal fraternity worldwide, Skal International Nairobi (SIN) endorses this philosophy and is determined to play its appropriate role. In giving donations to charities, SIN will be guided by the following general principles:

2.1 It shall not give any donation to a charity that is politically connected, i.e: one that is political in nature, supports a particular political philosophy, political party, group, or
2.2 It will give top priority to those charities that address the
following objectives:

The development of tourism, especially eco-tourism.
The protection of the environment.
The welfare of children.

2.3 The donations so granted must be seen to create an impact.
2.4 The beneficiary charities must demonstrate clear focus in their objectives and high standards of governance in all aspects.
2.5 Priority will be given to those Charities in which a member of SIN has a role, provided that in the case of SIN Executive Committee members connected with such charities, declaration of interest must be made and noted.

3. Eligible Charities

For a charity to be eligible for donations from SIN, it must fulfill the following conditions:

3.1 It must be duly registered as an Association, Non-Profit Company, Trust, Foundation, or Non-Governmental Organization with the relevant arm of the Government of the Republic of Kenya.
3.2 It must have been active for a period of at least three (3) years.
3.3 It must have a duly appointed Board or Committee, with individuals of good integrity as its members.
3.4 It must produce its audited accounts for the three financial years preceeding the application for donation from SIN.

4. Mode of Application

The initial request for assistance must be in writing. The charity will then be required to fill a formal application form (see attached), and submit all the documentation attached, including the following:

4.1 Copies of the registration certificate.
4.2 Current Names of the Directors or Committee members of the Charity.
4.3 Information on its current sources of funding / donors.
4.4 Copies of final accounts for the three financial years preceeding the application.
4.5 Any additional information that SIN may decide upon.

5. Charities Committees

SIN will constitute a committee to manage its charity activities, and in particular, carry out the following functions:

5.1 Adjudicate on the applications received.
5.2 Manage the disbursement / conveyance of the donations.
5.3 Monitor the utilization of the donations.
5.4 Manage the publicity activities associated with the donations.
5.5 Recommend to the Executive Committee, any amendments to this policy.

6. Allocations, Disbursments/ Conveyance of Dontations

6.1 General Rule

In order to optimize the effectiveness and impact of its donations, only a maximum of three (3) charities may benefit from SIN donations in any one year. Additionally, a single charity may benefit from SIN donations for a maximum of three (3) consecutive years, provided however, that such charity demonstrates proper utilization of the donations at all times.

6.2 Financial Donations

The aggregate allocation for financial donations will be limited to the amount allocated in the budget duly approved in the SIN AGM. Allocation to individual charities will be guided by their needs, as viewed by the Charities Committee, subject to approval by the Executive Committee.

Allocations of financial donations will be adjudicated upon by the Charities Committee during the month of May and ratified in the month of June by the Executive Committee, each year. All allocations of financial donations will be adjudicated by the Charities Committee in one meeting. This means that allocations of financial donations for all applications received between April of the preceeding year and March of the current year will be adjudicated upon in the month of May of the current year.

The pertinent financial disbursements will be done in accordance with the decision of the Executive Committee, upon recommendation of the Charities Committee.

6.3 Other Types of Donations

Allocations for other types of donations (material or in kind) will be done when such support becomes available to SIN.

7. Publicity

SIN expects to receive appropriate publicity for each donation it makes. Accordingly, as part of the condition for such donation, SIN will require the beneficiary Charity to organize publicity as the SIN deems fit. The nature of publicity required will be determined by the Charities Committee on case to case basis.

8. Evaluation & Feedback

SIN is entitled to appropriate feedback for each donation it makes. Accordingly, the Charities Committee will require beneficiary Charity to give reports on the utilization of the donations, and the impact they have made.

The Charities Committee will conduct evaluations as it deems fit, and report to the Executive Committee, with appropriate recommendations.

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