Young Skal

What is Young Skål?

Young Skål is a category of Skål International specially for students and young professionals directly related to the travel and tourism industry.

Why should clubs recruit Skål Members?

The idea behind Young Skål is to ensure that Clubs attract new and young professionals training for or working in the industry who, when qualified, will automatically graduate to Active membership, thus ensuring a continuous supply of new and younger members.

In which Industries & Training Organisations must Young Skål Members be employed or be currently studying?

Applicants for Young Skål membership should be training in a recognised university or travel school or working in one of the approved classiïfcations as set out in the Skål International By-laws.

Can young Skål Members take an Executive role in their local Club?

Skål Clubs are encouraged to co-opt at least one Young Skål member in their Club to the Committee of the Club so that the Young Skål members are aware of the working of the Club and be able to transmit this information to the other Young Skål members in the Club.

What are the benefits of being a member?

Young Skål members will have the opportunity to participate in areas related to the travel and tourism industry, but also in cultural, sports, travel and public relations activities. They will be able to participate in Skål activities and meet Skål members, cooperating voluntarily in the success of the overall Skål aims. Young Skål members will obtain the support of the local Skål Club for training opportunities and to acquire professional experience. They will have an opportunity to participate in an international network.

What happens to a Young Skålleague on reaching the age of 29?

Members who have reached their 29th birthday may remain Young Skål Associate until the 35th birthday by which time they should qualify for Active membership.

How to join

Who is eligible for Membership?

Young Skål is open to all young professionals training for or working in the industry who are at least 20 years of age and not older than 29 years, who have been in the industry for a minimum of two years. No minimum time in the travel industry or training institution required.

What age range is applicable for Young Skål Members?

To qualify for Young Skål membership, the applicant must be a minimum of 20 years of age and not older than 29 years of age.

How much does it cost?

The international fee for Young Skål membership is Euros 10.

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